5 Unspoken Heroes Of Entertainment

EntertainingThe people we know from movies and music and television are valued for their talents and their image. We don’t always know the names and faces of the supporting team that helps them to mold that talent and image. Here are five unspoken heroes of entertainment… Continue reading

5 Craziest Red Carpet Moments

Red rope barrier detail on red carpet

The red carpet is where dreams come true, where young stars first see their name in lights. It’s the big event, rainbow’s end for many entertainers… Usually. Here are some of the crazy, weird and wacky moments that have happened on the red carpet: Continue reading

Understanding Entertainment Hiring Workflow and Timelines

Woman With Script At Theatre StallOne of the top support requests we receive at Calltime are questions about how long it takes to get a job or a gig after posting your profile. Typically the questions are something along the lines of:

“I posted my profile last week and haven’t gotten a job yet, why not?”

Calltime is an auditioning platform built for professional talent and professional producers. Competition is fierce for real entertainment jobs, and as talent you need to present yourself in the best way possible. Your profile is your professional commercial – you need it to make you stand out from the other 750 people in the room. So the answer to the above question is: Continue reading

Participating in the Show Installation Process

TheaterPeople often think that once they get through the rehearsal process the hardest part is over. It is now time to start enjoying the performances. For many productions, however, there is still one more important step between the studio rehearsals and the actual performances. The install process is a crucial part of many theatrical productions. As the install process is often less discussed than the regular rehearsal process, we wanted to provide you with some information on what to expect if you are a part of a show that has an install process. Continue reading

Had a Terrible Audition? Here’s 5 Tips to Help You Recover


As an actor, you know the game. You must endure countless rejections before getting that break for which you’ve worked so hard.

With each audition, you open yourself up to potential heartache. You’re fully aware that each audition has its own challenges. And you prepare for those challenges, and give your full effort.

But…what happens when you have an awful audition? An audition where, for some reason or another, you just did not hit on all cylinders. Continue reading

Professional Correspondence Tips for Performers

EmailingMost performers spend hours upon hours, not to mention a lot of money, preparing their headshots, resumes, and demo reels to send out to producers. After all this work, why torpedo yourself by not sending it out properly? Professional correspondence is of the utmost importance when you are trying to get a job. We wanted to provide you with a little advice about some common correspondence mistakes to avoid. Following a few of these basic “DOs & DON’Ts’” can set your audition package apart from the others in a very positive way. Continue reading

5 Celebrities Who Are Even Better At Something They’re Not Famous For


It’s interesting how certain skill sets command fame, and others do not. A film director might slave away on projects for years and never be recognized in the street until they take a supporting role in front of the camera. Here are some of the most surprising examples of celebrities who have gone on to great success in a field that never made them famous… Continue reading

Performing at Sea

Since cruise ship entertainment is a rapidly growing industry, performers often wonder how they can become involved and what they can expect from the experience.  Working at sea can offer steady employment, great pay, and the ability to save money, all while traveling to some of the most beautiful and exotic destinations this planet has to offer, however there is also a level of discipline required in acclimating to a lifestyle that may be foreign to that which you may have become accustomed on land. Continue reading